by Warren Ellis, Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire

The story that has been progressing since the first issue has reached a point in its development where things are beginning to really come to fruition. Injection began with enough intriguing pieces as to grab readers without really giving too much away. With Injection #5, Ellis brings Maria to face the artifact anomaly she has been assigned to, while readers are made aware of where the book’s title originates and just who is narrating the story.

From the start, this strange gathering of individuals was offered to readers as members of a team meant to do great things and push the boundaries of scientific advancement. Dr. Maria Kilbride along with the others were together for some purpose, of which has not quite been made clear. In issue five, Ellis really takes a big step forward in offering readers more about a project on which the group had worked. The story sheds light on where its inspiration came from, and just how it relates to this artifact anomaly that Maria has been sent to investigate. The events readers witness, following Maria through this giant space and eventually discovering the archaeologist are enhanced greatly by the art and pacing of the book. Ellis’s choices for what narration accompanies each progression of this plot make the events all the more effective. Maria’s actions, the beautiful artwork and script all work in harmony to deliver an excellent sequence. And while this is the moment the first arc has been building towards, it is an earlier interaction between Brigid and Robin that stands even higher. The artistic choices throughout, the choices in coloring, and composition and how the setting is depicted to accent the characters are subtle and fantastic, allowing the final moment of the exchange to carry even more weight.

What is most exciting about the issue is that while the creators seem to have lifted the veil and revealed to readers some very important pieces to this strange universe that they have created, there is still so much that is unknown. There are massive aspects of each of the lead characters completely unexplored. Massive things have been teased like the group that Maria is working for, or the Ministry of Time and Measurement, as well as the abilities of a “cunning-man.” Despite knowing so little, Ellis’s writing along with incredible art from Shalvey and Bellaire make every issue a treat to experience. With only a snippet, an inclining of a notion of where the story might be headed, readers will continue to soak up the pages of each issue, an indication of craft and care for this work.

It’s a notable issue for the series, and as much as it marks a conclusion to a piece of the puzzle, it also makes clear how much things are just beginning. While the talent behind the book need to do very little in order to garner attention when working together on a project, it is quite obvious that no one here is resting on their laurels. Instead, Injection continues to impress with each and every page turn. It may still be unclear just where this narrative may be headed, but after this opening arc, it is sure to be a wonderful ride.


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