October is here! And you know what that means! The leaves are changing colors, and everyone is super excited to dress up as their favorite Power Ranger (I’m going to wear a green plaid shirt and torn jeans and call myself Tommy Oliver). Oh, there’s also a lot of artists posting amazing artwork all month long – just follow the hashtag #Inktober on the internets!

This is what October is all about! Have you been to a corn maze yet? I wonder if any of my friend’s will carry me on their shoulders…

Awww, it’s Cuddles the hamster! Artist Peter Simeti is taking on a new Goosebumps character every day this month! Get ready for a nostalgia trip all month long! Do you think he’ll draw that dad that looked just like the kid’s real dad, except this dad always had a hat on and was made of plants? Remember that guy? Don’t go in the basement!

Oh man, could you imagine if Tommy had a Robo-Pikachu Zord?! I mean, the big Godzilla thing was cool, but a Zord like this would have all sorts of cool lighting powers. But then if you tried to put it back into it’s Zordball it’d probably be really stubborn about it. And if you want to upgrade it you’d probably have a problem too…hmm…it’s adorable though right?

Here’s some crazy detailed work from @AngelDfallenOne

Julie gives us some watercolors working over the inks with a small tint of blue. A great picture that evokes a fantasy vibe. Are those horns?!

And then there’s @danielwarrenart, who seems to be creating a coherent story piece by piece each day. A young boxer looks to be entering the ring…

He might be a little guy but he’s got speed! Reminds me of a Family Matters episode…

And then there’s this…this…masterpiece! A truly talented artist must have put this amazing presentation together. Just look at the amount of detail put into this flawless piece. I bet this artist worked on this while on the phone at work as he reassured the person on the other line that he was definitely writing down everything they were saying.

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