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Welcome to the first episode of Ivar’s Longbox, the show where we look back at the original Valiant and Acclaim books and talk about the good, the bad, the ugly, and whether the book holds up in today’s fast-paced comic book industry. The crew is comprised of Joshua Eves from the Valiant Effort podcast (and fellow Valiant Central contributor), as well as Paul Tesseneer and Martin Ferretti from the Valiant Central podcast.

In our first episode, Josh, Paul and Martin discuss Eternal Warrior #33 as Gilad tackles the mystery of Jack the Ripper and his connection to modern day killings of the women closest to Gilad.

You can follow us on Twitter, @iwantvaliant, @whospaul and @valiant_central. You can contact us via the comments or email us directly at! Join us next time as we discuss Acclaim’s Shadowman (Volume 2) #17…oh boy 🙂

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