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In our second episode, we look back at Shadowman #17 from the second volume of the Acclaim run. If you’ve never read it, this is Clayton Crain’s second professional gig and that definitely leads to quite the discussion. We also tackle some feedback from our first episode, and of course, leather jackets!

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  • I do love this cover and it was interesting to discover it was written by a Haitian. I want to read this now. 🙂

  • Josh is like an encyclopedia when it comes to this stuff. I need to finish the rest of the arc to see if my thoughts change at all.

  • Ok, this is my limit. I’m backing out of listening to these podcasts. When the guy at the 6/7 minute mark went on his spiel, that was just too much. It’s so unfair to force one part of a multi-part plot to stand on its own as a story! It CAN’T stand on its own the way you want it to, as it’s part of a bigger story! I would NEVER read The Valiant #4 twenty years from now without having read the previous three issues, and judge and critique it as a complete story solely on this one issue. Also, it’s SO stupid and childish to complain that a story is confusing when you refused to read the previous issues in the story! Every issue should be someone’s first, but there is a limit, and new readers are not necessarily going to understand EVERYTHING in the series when they’ve refused to read the previous sixteen issues (384 pages!) of material!

  • I don’t know Chris, VEI is doing a damn fine job at making each issue stand out

  • I disagree with Chris because I am old school. I truly believe in starting comics wherever you want on an ongoing and determining if you want to get the next issue. I have done this with current ongoings. If it captivates me I add it to my pull list and if it is good start seeking out older issues. I think this is a great idea. Back when I started listening to podcasts in 2005 I found one of my favorite segments on Comic Book Noise was the Random Comic book review and this reminds me of that. Keep up the great work guys. I will admit it helps that I have read all of this stuff but there was some great positive things to look at like 2nd work of Clayton Crain and that the writer was Haitian. As you do podcasts you will find that your podcast will not click with everyone but I am sure i will click with an audience and the most important part of podcasting is hat you enjoy doing it.

  • Thanks for the comment Mike, it means a lot coming from you. We’re really enjoying doing these shows for sure, and having just recorded the third episode I think we’re starting to get in the groove of it all. Keep up the great work on yours as well, I really dug the first episode of Valiant Vs.

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comments (8)

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