iZombie is one of the strongest new shows of the year so far and it was great to have it back for another really strong episode. Yes, the case of the week format may still be there, but if you’ve watched enough TV, you’ll know by now that case-of-the-weeks seem to be standard for at least the first season of most shows, and in the cases of anything crime-related on CBS that isn’t called Person Of Interest, the case-of-the-week structure normally sticks around for a lot longer.

Ravi and Liv go zombie hunting.
Ravi and Liv go zombie hunting.

This week’s episode, The Executioner, introduced a third zombie to the mix, showing us how different survivors of the boat accident were coping with their new zombified life. Liv’s friend, Marcy, a fellow resident – was one such case, but she, unlike Liv, who was working at the morgue, and Blaine, who… we don’t know exactly what his endgame is yet, took the zombie approach on a different level, becoming one that’s closer to the stereotypical portrayal of a zombie that the series has given us so far. But not only did the show give us a look at Marcy, it also fleshed out Liv’s character a little bit more, giving her some development. She could easily become Marcy, with the girl being an interesting warning for what could happen to Liv if she goes without brains for too long.

And Marcy isn’t the only zombie in Seattle, because, as stated, “Two’s a company, three’s a horde,” and you’ve got to wonder how many more of the undead we’ll meet before the season ends. Presumably a lot more than just the first three that we’ve seen so far, and as it’s still the early stages, there’s going to be a lot of room to expand the supernatural world of iZombie, and this should allow for some very interesting situations to come to light indeed.

Rose McIver once again gave us an excellent acting range as Liv. There’s a lot of development going on for her character in this episode and not every brain that she eats will have as positive effect on her as the artist did. As well as the anticipation of more zombies in the show’s future, it’s going to be really fun watching the different characters whose brains Liv has to digest each week, and the effects that they have on her. There’s also the great dialogue and witty banter that the show comes up with each week as well, with there being several quotable lines from this episode. Ravi’s “But with great power comes…” being countered by Liv’s “Do not,” was one of the more humorous exchanges of this week’s episode, with the chemistry between the main cast being as excellent as it is.

The Exterminator then, was another strong episode as iZombie continues to impress. Are you still watching the show and what did you think of this week’s episode? Let me know in the comments below.

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