Jupiter’s Circle #2


By Mark Millar, Wilfredo Torres, & Ive Svorcina

This issue, just as the previous, opens with the Utopian and his team taking down another threat to Earth. The real drama and danger, though, lies with one of the group’s own…Dr. Conrad aka Blue-Bolt. Being blackmailed by J. Edgar Hoover puts the hero in dire straits, forcing him to make unbearably difficult decisions…

It almost seems as if Mark Millar makes the action sequences in the books an after thought. He gives readers the obligatory action beat, then focuses on the nitty gritty – the core of the title: the interpersonal relationships of the heroes and the demons that plague them. Knowing this and reading the comic, one can’t help but call Watchmen to mind. Deconstruction is a powerful tool and Millar knows how use it masterfully. He’s not afraid to present audiences with the darkness or fears dwelling within superheros. Especially those that were once ordinary humans.

At first glance this issue may seem flat or one-dimensional, but readers should be encouraged to take the time and critically look at the material. There is so much between the panels. This is aided with the artistic help of Wilfredo Torres and Ive Svorcina. When the moment calls for the heroes to shine and be exemplary, they absolutely nail it. Torres placing the characters in stoic, powerful poses and panels and Svorcina adds the color to deliver the real intended impact. In contrast, the heavier, more emotional scenes are the most interesting. The color is minimal and shadows come heavily into play. The various shades of red used were a brilliant decision on Ive’s part.

Mark has been very wise in selecting his collaborators for the various Millarworld titles and Jupiter’s Circle is no exception. The symbiosis makes for a compelling post-modern comic that shines some light on the rumors and shady nature of American history. Count me in for issue three!