It’s Friday, which means it’s time for another new edition of Kickin’ It Old School, our weekly column in which we look to the past and review books from the original Valiant universe! This week, I’ll be discussing Eternal Warrior #2

Eternal Warrior #2

Published in September 1992
Written by Jim Shooter
Art by John Dixon
Colored by Mark Csaszar with Carol Van Hook and David Chlystek
Additional Inking by Kevin Van Hook
Lettered by Jade
Edited by Bob Layton


This comic is the tale of two Gilads, one from the present (1992) and one from the future (4001). Meshing along with the events we’ve already become privy to, the two Gilad’s and Geoff stick together after Solar’s demise. Things are getting ever bleaker as the Godmother, Erica Pierce, nears completion of her goal. They hold up in a fort as they continue to try to put a stop to her plans. After some time passes, Kris is nearing the end of her pregnancy, so Pete and the rest of the Renegades bring her to where both Gilads and Geoff are staying.

Geoff takes advantage of the distraction to sneak off and try to sneak into Erica’s fortress. Both Gilads work together to get to the fortress as Geoff is captured and brought to Erica. He is able to figure out what is motivating Erica through what he is told by the objects at his disposal. He lands too close to the truth, enraging Erica, who is ready to destroy Geoff just as the two Gilads show up to save him.

They fall short of saving him, and the Gilad from 4001 loses his will to fight with Geoff gone. Once they escape, he fesses up that things are going differently than they did the first time he experienced this war. 1992 Gilad promises to change an event that haunts his future self when it arrives, as long as his future self promises to keep fighting as long as they are alive.


This issue definitely gets more convoluted than anything from Valiant has thus far. Having two of the same guy from 2000 years apart working together, along with the kind of vague powers of a Geomancer, there’s a lot of less than concrete ideas being thrown around. That and the fact that most of the action in the book has already been seen from different angles makes this issue feel like it goes by very quickly. The most interesting aspects are Geoff’s understandings of Erica’s motivations driving her to rage and Geoff being seemingly vaporized by Erica. It feels like we’re stewing in the middle of the story with too much time left to begin working towards the resolution. Not a bad issue, but certainly not as impactful as many of the other issues in this event.

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