By Rick Remender, Greg Tocchini

“You saved me, Mom. You told me anything was possible if we believed… you never said it would be easy.”

After the long wait Low #6 is finally here! But was it worth the wait? Yes…yes of course it was.

Writer Rick Remender has been pulling on our heartstrings from the very start with this series as he set out to create a huge story surrounding the idea of hope and where it can lead us. Issue #6 delivers on your own hopes of the series as we get to see a certain fancy piece of equipment put into action (Spoiler Alert: It’s pretty freakin’ sweet). Stel and her son Marik need to ignite hope into everyone else – but will they be able to?

The artist on this series, Greg Tocchini, once again creates one of a kind artwork and loads the pages with the reds, oranges, and yellows, of previous entries in the series. In a great page, during Stel’s defiance, she’s seen letting loose with a pretty hefty machine-gun – as Roln in the background covers his face with his arm (good coverage, Dude). Tajo, Marik’s sister, turns to desperation after some devastating events and runs off as Stel is left to deal the damage – but where could Tajo be running off to? It’s Tajo’s shocked stare that takes up most of this page while a few panels serve to showcase some memories running through her head – all within bright red boxes alongside the panels of her shock. (Really wish I could tell you where she runs too…but you gotta see it for yourself!)

Low #6 brings some of the biggest action of the series and also gives you plenty of those feels (get some tissues ready…it’s okay…it’ll be okay). Remender and Tocchini finish stage one of Stel’s journey with a grand finish – but now what will happen next?!

Low #6
Low #6

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