By Victor DeTroy, Kevin Bieber, Jared Lamp

“By James Cameron’s beard…I don’t believe it…”

Have you ever mistreated a rock in your life? Be honest…I think we all have. It was inevitable that the rocks would eventually get fed up and fight back…I mean…it only makes sense right?

Writers Victor DeTroy and Kevin Bieber set out to show us a world on the brink of chaos due to mankind’s greatest threat…ROCKS! You heard right, kids. Rocks are out to get us (glad these two guys warned us) and it’s up to a professor by the name Buck Stone to help protect us. And for anyone out there wondering (looking at you Igor) these are earth rocks, not alien rocks.

The artwork in this issue is by Jared Lamp and he presents each panel in black and white, but with some fine detail work. Lamp takes us through the ages as we discover some of mankind’s mistreatment of rocks over the years (can’t believe we really did all that stuff) and adds more humor to the already hilarious text through his detailed visuals. A great visual comes via a trip to ancient Egypt as one of the men in charge of the making of the pyramids demands the rocks stop being so lazy and get to work. The image has the man with his whip raised high in the air ready to crack down on those lazy rocks as a highly detailed pyramid sits in the background behind him. In the foreground of the image you can see the rocks, just sitting there, being all lazy and stuff (bunch of bums if you ask me).

DeTroy and Bieber have created something original and funny. The artwork does well to present their absurd humor in a serious manner as the characters facial expressions evoke anger towards the seemingly motionless rocks. But as we learn…it’s only a manner of time before the rocks fight back…and time might just be running out.


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