By Kevin Bieber, Victor Detroy, Jared Lamp

“My name is Buck Stone. My biggest achievements are winning the Global Warming Denier of The Year Award, and serving as the treasurer of the Jonathan Taylor Thomas Fan Club since 1996!”

Jonathan Taylor Thomas is a national treasure!

Writers Kevin Bieber and Victory Detroy return for another hilarious/historical volume of Man Vs. Rock. The rocks are still out of control as our hero Buck Stone continues on his journey to rid the world of their evil empire, but not without taking us all down memory lane in an origin story unlike any other! Who knew Buck was royalty this whole time…

Bieber and Detroy once again take the humor of this already crazy story and manage to go over the top from issues past. Every page is loaded with absurd lines and hilarious takes on pop-culture and politics. And can you believe what he caught Vivian doing?! The insanity!

Buck’s origin story is perhaps where most of the absurdity of this issue comes from as we get a look into Buck’s childhood… at least according to him. One of the funniest parts of this origin story being that Buck’s face doesn’t change throughout his entire life… he’s had that perfect stubble on his face since the day he was born!

The artist on this series is Jared Lamp. It’s easy to imagine him as sitting at his drawing board trying to draw without laughing as he goes over the script he just spilled coffee on (am I close?). As are the previous volumes Lamp approaches the artwork in black and white while keeping each panel greatly detailed.

A great scene comes when Buck has to refuel his car, but doesn’t want to pay for his gas (due to a totally reasonable explanation)…so he instead “drills for oil” by throwing dynamite at the gas station. Lamp does a detailed page of Buck lighting the stick and throwing it towards the station, only to have the next page covered in the explosive aftermath – as Buck calmly collects the gas spewing from his drilling efforts. See kids, you can learn something new from comics!

Man Vs. Rock continues to be a comic unlike any other. The humor comes out of nowhere and there’s no possible way you can predict what’s going to happen next. Buck Stone continues to have his work cut out for him as the rock’s attack is relentless and hilarious.

Volume 4

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