By John Dudley, Don Cardenas, Mark Dale

“I don’t know if I should be running from the wolves chasing us, or from the strangers in front of me.”

Issue #2 of the series Packs Of The Lowcountry kicks up the amount of action and suspense that was already plentiful in issue #1. Just how much does the main character Bastion Conroy know about the group of strangers he’s been set up with? Can he trust them? What’s the real reason for their mission?

Writer John Dudley uses the second issue of this series to weave even more mysteries into the fold. Bastion and his crew are running from a pack of wolves (not normal wolves…not normal at all) and find refuge in a secret bunker. But it’s here where Dudley adds another layer of mystery to the tale. Is this bunker where they were headed all along? What’s in store for Bastion?

The artist on this series is Don Cardenas, accompanying him on colors this issue is Mark Dale. A scene featuring Bastion facing off against the wolves has him running out from the bunker with some “Beachtech” weaponry –essentially massive guns shooting beams reminiscent of Helena’s powers in appearance (Helena’s one of the “strangers” Bastion mentions in the above quote). In this scene we see Bastion from the back as he’s running out to face the attacking wolves. Some wolves are in the background already getting shot at by his crew members. Cardenas plays a lot with this scene, even having Bastion’s foot kicking off from the lower edge of the panel as he runs out. Dale covers the scene in the dark night sky, but manages to use shadows to highlight Bastion and the others. The impact of the shots being fired light the wolves up with a bright yellow that shines through the night.

Issue #2 of Packs of the Lowcountry serves to raise more questions as well as introduce new characters…and the ending changes Bastion forever!


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