By John Dudley, Don Cardenas, Mark Dale

“Funny thing about vacations…I’ve loaded the trunk with everything we need, but I always feel like I forgot to pack something!”

“Cut the crap, Doc!”

Doc made a funny…as they were trying to escape the underground bunker they’ve been staying in that was under attack. It’s all about timing, Doc…all about timing.

Writer John Dudley uses issue #3 of the series Packs of the Lowcountry to change everything. The story’s protagonist, Bastion, has now been given some…interesting powers…but now comes the question…can he control them?

Something Dudley also does this issue is introduce the story’s main villain — who has been responsible for all the destruction. There’s also a glimpse into some of this destruction, and how it started, in the beginning of this issue. We get some background as to how/why Bastion joined the army in the first place and how he came to be a part of the Packs of the Lowcountry mission.

The artists on this issue are penciller/inker Don Cardenas along with colorist Mark Dale. This issue is loaded from front to back with impressive pages and wildly imaginative artwork. A great page that comes towards the beginning of the issue features the early parts of the invasion where Bastion is still a young boy. He makes his way to a rooftop and looks over the edge to see the chaos happening atop the other buildings. Cardenas creates massive buildings with even bigger insect-looking creatures atop each one as they devour the city. Dale does a great job to depict the flames in the background creeping forward as the destruction gets ever closer to Bastion. The enemies themselves are a pale green as they each emit a brighter green from their bodies in a lightning type of attack.

This issue of Packs of the Lowcountry showcases the same action and suspense of the previous two issues, but this time it amplifies the action aspect quite a bit. Right from the get-go this issue puts the world in chaos, and come the issue’s end we learn we’re not any closer to being free of the chaos anytime soon. Good thing Bastion has a few new tricks to help out…


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