By Rob Jones, Nick Gonzo, Mike Smith, Kevin Pospisil, Dan Butcher

“How in the name of all that’s unholy are we meant to summon Lord Bulgeroth, ruler of the eighteen realms of pain and suffering, and usher in an era of change and global domination when you lot can’t stop sniggering at the word boob!”

Hahahahaha, oh sorry, excuse me. Papercuts and Inkstains #1 offers three tales, all revolving around some aspect of “doom.” Whether you’re a zombie fan, big into calling forth crazy demons, or just hate your job, there’s something to relate to in this small collection of stories.

In the story featuring the quote seen above writer Rob Jones gives us a story about a few friends just having a relaxing time out in a field somewhere. Some people relax with the help of Netflix, but not these guys. Jones is able to create a great group of friends in a short amount of time and provide some laughs as they all try to summon a demon to help them get back at all those who have wronged them.

The artist for Jones’ mini-story The Profits of Doom is Mike Smith. Much like the rest of this collection Smith uses black and white images to tell his story. The scene where George, I mean The Grand Master of Ceremonies, evokes the flames in his efforts to call forth Lord Bulgeroth is where we see the most of Smith’s details in play. Within a few panels we see some of the effects of his summoning, the wind and fire rushing around as the characters cover their eyes, as well as Smith’s work with shading and creating a massive light source in his black and white panels.

If you’re looking for a laugh, or just feel the urge to read some creative stories then Papercuts and Inkstains #1 is for you.


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