Red Sonja Black Tower TP

Story: Frank Tieri
Art: Cezar Razek
Covers: Amanda Conner
Publisher: Dynamite
Publication Date: December 9th, 2015

Price: $14.99

What is the Black Tower? What startling mysteries does it contain within its walls? And most shockingly… how will its very existence cause the death of Red Sonja?
When the Hyrkanian swordswoman rides into the city of Lur, she discovers that a mysterious ebon fortress has risen in the night, inspiring paranoia among the populace. While some fearful citizens are driven to murderous frenzy, others become fanatic devotees of the tower’s unknown inhabitants. As the years go by, Sonja is always drawn back to this desperate place where unfeeling eyes gleam in dark corners. Who are the Soulless, and what terrible fate will they bring to the red-tressed heroine?

About The Author Tyler

Owner/founder and editor-in-chief of (formerly with an insatiable manga/anime addiction

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