At-least once day I am asked “Where is a good place to start reading VALIANT?” The answer I give has changed from person to person, but now my answer is easy: The 2015 VALIANT UNIVERSE HANDBOOK!

This is the book than both NEW fans and old have needed. While VALIANT makes it easy to jump-into an on-going book (each issue begins typically with “the story so far…” followed by a brief synopsis of events that led to the present situation), it is no small secret that the universe is expanding with each issue, crossover, and mini-series.

The VALIANT UNIVERSE HANDBOOK covers the rich history (staring with 2012; NOT 1990) of key characters (e.g. Archer, Harada, Livewire, Ninjak, etc) as well as what we know of key Villains  (e.g. Immortal Enemy, Dr. Silk, Quantum & Woody, etc… ). It does this in alphabetical order, from Animalia to Zephyr on 36 pages featuring art that has been published at various points from 2012 to present, which serves a double purpose:

  1. New readers and fans are exposed to the images and history they might otherwise be unfamiliar with.
  2. Old readers are reminded of what they have experienced in the past, which helps to enhance the present experience of what Valiant is publishing.

But there is more. Each character page explains key-information for each character as follows:

KNOWN ALLIES: Valiant Fans Members; etc.
ENEMIES: People who don’t like to pay for comic books; eBay sellers who lie; etc.
FIRST APPEARANCE: 1978 Issue #12 (Texas Variant)
KNOWN ABILITIES:  Advanced military training and operational background; proficient in multiple weapon systems and tactics. High level of physical conditioning; able to lift over 300 pounds, and can run/swim great distances at a increased pace lasting multiple days. An experienced mission commander, DBS works best when things are the most chaotic and unpredictable.

Additionally, each section character page lists RECOMMENDED READING where key-stories involving each character is listed, as well as the specific issues the stories were in.

When TEAMS (e.g. Unity, Armor Hunters, The United, etc) are listed, a team roster is also provided so that the reader is aware of the present “Role Call” of characters (as well as former or deceased members).

The 2015 VALIANT UNIVERSE HANDBOOK artwork is a broad sample of ALL ARTWORK to date, and by virtually ALL ARTISTS to date.

I can’t more strongly recommend the 2015 VALIANT UNIVERSE HANDBOOK to you. It is a 5 of 5 star book that should be in the hands of anyone interested in VALIANT.

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