By Kel Symons, Nate Stockman, Paul Little

“Fools! He’s just one man!

Let them fight! This issue of REYN starts us off right in the heat of a nice bar brawl – which is always a great way to kick off any comic. Reyn along with the sorceress Seph do their best not to get captured in this issue, but is their best going to be good enough?

Writer Kel Symons once again brings us to the big world he’s created, revealing a bit more of the plot brewing behind what the warden’s return means for the story’s villain. For the most part this issue centers around Reyn, but little is moved throughout the story until the very end, where circumstances will lead them to a certain encounter come next issue.

On the artwork side of this series is artist Nate Stockman and colorist Paul Little. The opening brawl scene makes way for a lot of fun artwork. One scene in particular shows Reyn, having taken a pair of antlers off the wall, running at a few of the henchman ready to ram them all into the wall. A humorous scene, but also one of those badass scenes you tell your friends about afterwards – like that part in that movie when that guy…had to be there I guess. The page features Reyn jumping over the bar, avoiding plenty of arrow fire, and smirking as he spots his newest toy. Together Stockman and Little create a detailed scene, especially the top panel, complete with bottles smashing around him, while the bottom panel is all about speed as it narrows in on Reyn’s determined stare as he rushes his targets.

This issue of REYN pushes the story along, gives us a bit more background, but misses some of the magic. It’ll be up to Seph to cast some spells come next issue.


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