Every week we get together to share some spoiler-free discussion of the week’s upcoming books. Here’s our Round Robin look at Divinity #2.

Amy’s take

As much as I enjoyed Matt Kindt’s Divinity #1, I like this second installment even more. We meet the story’s narrator and learn a bit about Abram’s experience in space. Also shown is the effect that Abram is having on the earth’s inhabitants and its environment. Some familiar faces join the story, and the results are stunning. Once again, artist Trevor Hairsine, inker Ryan Winn, and colorist David Baron create beautifully emotive panels.

Martin’s take

While the first issue of Divinity left a lot unanswered, Divinity #2 moves the focus of the story onto other players to start giving us a wider look at just what is going on. While we still don’t know how Abram got his powers, Matt Kindt’s exploration of the character’s experiences in space is clever and absolutely beautiful. We finally learn who the narrator of the story is which leads to a mission to confront Divinity by some characters we are all well aware of. This plot twist left me wondering as to the exact time frame the book takes place in with relation to the rest of the Valiant universe. The visuals in this issue are spectacular, courtesy of Trevor Hairsine, Ryan Winn, and David Baron. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite books.

Paul’s take

Divinity #1 was so beautiful and confusing, I really didn’t expect to get to any solid story any time soon. I think we could’ve had four issues just like #1 and I’d be happy. It was almost a shock to see the direction of the story take form. Trevor Hairsine’s art is fantastic. There’s a panel in which Divinity is observing scenes from his past as Abram Adams that is fantastic. Matt Kindt’s writing feels beautifully aimless until you realize he’s been guiding you right along without you realizing it. We finally get a connection with other characters in the Valiant Universe in this issue, and it’s amazing.

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