After a short hiatus, Rai returns with an action packed issue as Rai, the Raddies, and Positrons wage all out war against father. Be sure to check out more info on this book at the Valiant Database, and catch a sneak peek of the book!

Martin’s take

Rai returns this week with issue #8 after skipping a month to finish off the Battle for New Japan arc that started with issue #5. To go in depth into this book would be to spoil what happens, but know that is an action packed episode with some beautiful artwork by Clayton Crain. The all-out battle for the future of New Japan feels a little cut short and could have easily lasted a couple of issues, but the payoff is well worth it as Rai must wage battle against…we’ll just say a very powerful being. Just as with the end of the last arc, this issue may leave you with more questions than answers, but has me excited for the direction the book will take when it returns this summer. Rai continues to be a killer sci-fi thriller.

Paul’s take

After a two month wait, another arc comes to a close. Do we feel closure? Nope! We’re left desperately waiting for the story to pick back up in a mere four months. Matt Kindt once again opens more doors than he closes in this story, leaving so many possibilities for what comes next and so much time for us to speculate. This summer, Valiant will have two events: The Book of Death, and fan theories on Rai.

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