After last month’s Ninjak-centric issue, Unity returns with a look at Gilad’s past. Is it good? With a creative team like this do you need to ask? Our round-robin review of Unity #16!

Amy’s take

Wow. Powerful issue. Another amazing Kindt book. Focusing on the Eternal Warrior, Unity #16 is the tale of a poignant adventure in his past which gives us a chance to understand the burden of memory in such a long life. At one point, I could feel how heavy his steps were upon the stairs of his home. The Eternal Warrior may be a key factor in shaping history, but he’s also doing his part to preserve it. Solid artwork by Pere Perez helps to convey the emotional struggle of this warrior, and Rebers colors are beautiful.

Martin’s take

The great thing about Gilad is that he has lived through so many times and places, but what Matt Kindt manages to do with this issue is astounding. This is a very powerful issue with a great exploration of Gilad’s character. I love the look back into Japanese history and how history is always written by the victor, throwing aside all else involved – a powerful statement to make in a team book which has repeatedly saved the world. Add on top of that Pere Perez art and Brian Reber’s colors, and you have what may be one of my favorite Eternal Warrior stories to date.

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