The 2015 Valiant Universe Handbook is out this week. Here are our first impressions, but expect a full review this Wednesday!

Amy’s take

Very handy summations of storylines involving these characters. I like the short synopsis of power sets and first appearances for each entry as well as the recommended reading. If your memory or understanding is fuzzy on an event, this is the book to clarify it. A great refresher for those who have read everything. It’s also a good primer for new fans, but they should be aware that storylines will be spoiled.

Martin’s take

I really enjoyed the first handbook, but Valiant has really outdone itself with the quality of the book this year. Flipping through each and every page is like a kid visiting a candy store. If you’re a new fan, this book will fill in tons of background on who the characters are, but even long time fans is so much in here that it’s well worth going through each entry to get a refresher of past storylines and central characters. Of all the books that come out every year, the Valiant Universe Handbook should be a no-brainer for fast every time.

Scott’s take

Personally, I’ve always loved handbooks, going back to when I would spend hours pouring over my Star Wars handbooks as a kid, so this is a real treasure for me. Further, it’s obvious how much effort Valiant puts into this; the content is beautifully organized and the accompanying images are fantastic. Given what you’re getting relative to the price ($2.99), this really is a must-have for all Valiant fans.

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