by John Arcudi, James Harren and Dave Stewart

Time to dive into the second arc! The fantastically imaginative new series begins the next adventure with this issue. John Arcudi’s writing with excellent art from James Harren and Dave Stewart combine in a way that even the smallest of moments or issues can still feel incredibly grand. That is somewhat the case with Rumble #7, as the issue has a very subtle sensation of dread and intrigue. Despite the plot moving very little here, the seventh issue is an excellent read.

At the start of Rumble #7, a large assortment of creatures have gathered in front of Queen Xotlaha to discuss matters of concern, like any other council meeting featuring many-headed creatures. The scene could be one that is a bit stagnant as it spans a number of pages at the start of the issue. Not only does Arcudi’s script keep a decent pace, but Harren’s choices for the page layouts and the movement in perspective in the space keeps the scene feeling kinetic and interactive. Issues that have a heavy dialogue element and very little shifting across settings can feel sluggish, but the creators for Rumble manage to make the sequence maintain intrigue throughout. When Cogan decides to step out of the building, the issue only gets better.

From start to finish, the plot points of the issue could be summarized in just a few short lines. With a talented creative team, however, those types of issues tend to be some of the strongest as they truly showcase the talents of each of the individuals working to create the chapter. There is something ominous about the issue and the sensation begins to seep through at the point in the story where Cogan and Asura begin to speak outside of the council meeting. This seventh chapter does spend a short bit of time with Bobby, Del and even a brief few panels with Timah. These moments act as follow-up to pieces that transpired in the sixth issue. But the main focus of the story comes through the exchange between Cogan and Asura, and the way in which it intertwines with Rathraq. Cogan takes an interesting stance, playing a role that is both in allegiance to Xotlaha while also creating circumstances, which allow fate to take its own course.

While the events that transpire over these pages care an air of dread and certainly raise intrigue about what it all means, it is Arcudi’s script in how it culminates that elevates the entire issue. Not only is the message Cogan is sending a bit odd, and the ensuing events wherein Rathraq rushes into a sewer to fight a hoard of rats similarly so, but the conclusion adds a spin to it that just is fantastic. Each piece of this seventh issue has a different feel and approach than the opening arc had taken. Arcudi’s pacing in the issue is a large piece of that. Additionally, Dave Stewart adds a level of consistency and beauty to every issue. The mood of the environment, the makeup of the characters, and the bombast of the action pieces are largely due to the Stewart’s talent.

There is something to which the creators are building and with a very curious opening to the new arc, readers will be settling in for an undoubtedly excellent new chapter in Rumble.


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