By Gail Simone, Dale Eaglesham & Jason Wright

So it’s great to have Secret Six back and hopefully now we’ll get a regular release schedule from one of the most promising new DC books that was launched before Convergence hit shelves, disrupting the series that already had a delay between its first and second issues. However, with the third issue now out on shelves, it’s great to be reminded as to just why this book is worth the wait, it’s one of the overlooked DC Comics out right now, and it really should be reaching a wider audience than it is already, because the creative team of Simone, Eaglesham and Wright are killing it.

Taking place two issues after the escape from Mockingbird, the third issue starts off with a focus on Catman as he walks into a Cop abusing a dog. The issue itself explores the characters effectively rather than going for an action-packed blockbuster, making it a quieter story that isn’t without its effective moments; for example, Strix, the former member of the Court of Owls who has to write what she says down on paper, is fleshed out well in a conversation with Catman. It’s an interesting issue that’s relatively standalone, and provides a good jumping-on point for new readers who perhaps missed the first two issues, however it’s still recommended that you go back and read them anyway because there’s some seriously good stuff there. This issue also has a neat end twist that hints at a future opponent for the Secret Six and will certainly keep readers coming back for more.

Dale Eaglesham is the new artist for Secret Six and his art feels like the right fit for the book. There’s a few panels where it feels cartoonish, but there are also other elements that are handled well, with Eaglesham’s take on characters’ eyes in particular being worth noting, as they instantly standout and are very effective. As well as Eaglesham on pencils, we also have Jason Wright on the colours, which are bright and distinctive, fitting the tone of a character-centric drama with the added element of crazy very well indeed.

Secret Six #3 is a strong, welcome return to the series and hopefully it can keep up its regular schedule because it’s been a pretty awesome book so far. Simone, Eaglesham and Wright work incredibly well together to give us a great character-centric look on the cast of the Secret Six, and that final panel reveal hints at plenty of great stuff to come in the future. More Secret Six can’t come quickly enough.


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