by Ed Brisson, Johnnie Christmas & Shari Chankhamma

All good things must come to an end. That’s why it’s such a bittersweet moment when one of your favorite series reaches its finale. Even though you hate to see it go, Sheltered has told its story and it was time for it to end. This final issue of Sheltered served mostly as an epilogue to the fallout of the previous issue.

Ed Brisson has worked many roles in comics, but when he debuted Sheltered it put his name on a lot of readers’ minds. Sheltered has been such a strong series with such deep characters and this was thanks to Brisson’s fantastic storytelling. Brisson continues that streak all the way to this final issue of Sheltered. This issue tied up any loose ends that readers might have been curious about. Focusing on where everyone wound up and showing how the world reacted to the news of the Safe Haven incident. It was an excellent conclusion fitting for such a well told series.

Sheltered was a lot of readers first experience with seeing Johnnie Christmas’ work. His gritty approach kept Sheltered very grounded looking, but also added an almost violent tone. Which is also heightened by Shari Chankhamma’s muted color palette. This last issue actually seems slightly brighter than the previous which gives readers that feeling of being back in the real world after those horrific events in Safe Haven. Christmas and Chankhamma’s art in Sheltered gave the series its murky look that made it such an intense read.

That’s the end of Sheltered. Readers come in all forms and some may not love how any series ends, but you can’t deny that the journey of getting there is what really matters. The story is what matters and Sheltered was a superb read. Sheltered was such an ideal series. It seemingly came out of nowhere, made a strong impact, consistently delivered great issues, and ended precisely when it needed to. If you are someone who may have missed out on Sheltered, now is a great time to read the entire series and enjoy it as a whole piece of work.


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