By Dan Slott, Michael Allred, Laura Allred

“What is it, Norrin?”

“An invitation to attend Mr. Plorp’s plorpteen-hundredth birthday.”

“Oh! I know just what to get him…”

You only turn plorpteen hundred once!

Issue #13 of Silver Surfer takes you down memory lane before warping your mind and exploding brain matter out your ears. Sounds fun right? The Secret Wars tie-in is what causes this issue to turn from happy-friendship-time to the universe falling apart, and Dan Slott does a great job of using this scenario to his advantage. Surfer has never been a series to shy away from tons of creativity and this issue is no exception as the last old friend they go to visit reveals a devastating turn of events!

“This realm, by its very nature of un-being, is all that is left. This is the land of couldn’t-be shouldn’t-be.” – 

The fact that Slott can write in a way to make this sentence seem plausible shows you how creative he’s getting with this story. Surfer and Dawn have had some pretty amazing adventures so far, but what happens when the universe where all those memories happened vanishes? Slott turns this series upside down (not literally this time) when Surfer and Dawn are given quite possibly the most important task in all of existence!

Artist/storyteller Michael Allred along with colorist Laura Allred continue to make traveling through space on a surfboard seem like a great time (probably not hard to do though… right?) as Surfer along with Dawn visit some of the friends they’ve met along the way so far – before, you know, the universe explodes and all. A great page comes when Surfer and Dawn visit the ruins of the Impericon (the place where they first met, awwww). The colorful scraps of what’s left surround them as they stand in the center of the page looking around at all the destruction while they reminisce. This is where things start to go wrong as Surfer thinks back to a time when he thought he heard the Never Queen calling for him… was it just a dream?

Ever wondered what we’d do if the universe were to fall apart? Well don’t worry about it, because Dan Slott and Michael Allred have it all figured out for you. Silver Surfer #13 creates a big lead-in to the next big adventure for the Silver Surfer and Dawn Greenwood. But will Dawn ever find her way back home again?

Silver Surfer #13
Silver Surfer #13

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