By Dan Slott, Michael Allred, Laura Allred

“Today we shall test the very limits of the power cosmic–and shatter them!

Silver Surfer and Dawn lead who all the way across the galaxy?! Oh no…this can’t end well. And is he hungry? He is?! Oh man…

Dan Slott continues his tale with perhaps the Surfer’s biggest challenge yet – GALACTUS! – no need for spoiler alert…unless you opened the comic without looking at the cover, which in that case I guess I ruined the big surprise…but don’t worry because this issue is filled with many more! Including probably the most epic surfing every done before (the quote above relates to that one). This issue steps away from the amount of humor in issues prior to create a more serious tone throughout – since Dawn is still upset! And also Galactus approaches…Galactus is nothing to joke about (unless you’re reading a Deadpool comic).

Artist Michael Allred along with colorist Laura Allred blast out some great pages in this month’s issue of Silver Surfer. For those looking to brush up on their SS knowledge this issue gives you the background to how Norrin became the surfer in the first place. Taking place throughout two pages Michael has a lot of fun, and even gives a throwback to SS fighting alongside the Fantastic Four – Galactus didn’t stand a chance in those days. Laura’s colors bring the classic scene perfectly back to its roots to successfully create the origin story of the Silver Surfer.

Another great panel comes later on as Dawn is scolding Toomie (the board), since the board can’t make faces it depicts Dawn’s face as sad in the reflection, which is a cool tool to use during such a scene. Now stop yelling at Toomie…he’s just a boy!

This issue marks another great installment to Silver Surfer and leaves the hero at impossible odds come the issues end – what will happen next?!


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