Happy snowy Thursday here at Something Valiant. I woke up to 8 inches of snow, while surrounding counties had about a foot or more here in Kentucky. “Pipe down, I’m trying to type!” Oh, sorry, I wasn’t talking to you then, I was talking to my three kids who are off from school today.”Yes, I need quiet just to type! You want to be grounded?!” Once again, sorry. Okay, so how did everyone like last week’s article on Brent Peeples? Please post feedback when you can on that one or any article here, it is much appreciated. “Don’t make me stop typing and come in there!” No, not you, I was yelling, uh, I mean talking to the kids again. Moving on.

How did everyone do on last week’s hint for this weeks article? It was: “This van is a lemon. That salesman took me hook, line, and sinker!” A little obscure, but one person got it at least (good job, Martin Ferretti). The answer is the amazingly talented writer and artist, Kevin VanHook! I really loved his take on Bloodshot back in the day. He was born in Indiana, but lived in Kentucky (maybe that’s why I like him so much…lol). Here is what Mr. VanHook had to say about his time at Valiant.

I’ve been asked to do a top 5 things from my experiences at Valiant.

As time passes by, I see how truly rare it is to be part of something special–something that’s both creatively and financially rewarding.

In late March of 1992, I moved to New York with my family and started working at what for me was one of those very special places.

It’s hard to pick 5 things, but here goes. In no particular order.

  1. The day I was hired. It was a Saturday and I had travelled to NYC from Indianapolis by Greyhound for the interview. I met with Jim Shooter and Bob Layton. They were friendly and forthcoming about what they needed–a Production Manager who understood Electronic Pre-Press and I did. The fact that I wrote, penciled and inked was a plus. I was hired after about 45 minutes and they arranged to move my family out two weeks later.
  2. The day Bloodshot #1 came out. November of 1992. Forbidden Planet (a premiere comic shop in the city) had two lines around the block. One for Death of Superman and one for Bloodshot #1.
  3. Going on vacation with a bunch of the Valiant Gang. We all travelled to Miami, hung out for a bit, then split up into the family-friendly DisneyWorld group and the partiers headed to the Keys.
  4. The DeathMate Tour that culminated in an Aerosmith Concert in Chicago and then the Comic Con. Got to hang out with Aerosmith for the afternoon!
  5. My 5th thing is less tangible really. It’s the friendships, the relationships that grew out of our time there. Most of us care about the rest and we stay in touch at least a little. Age didn’t matter. Experience wasn’t a prerequisite. We all did the best work we could and that turned out to be pretty damn good.

And there you have it, straight from Mr. VanHook himself. Thank you so much, sir, for sharing these historic Valiant moments with us!

Now here is the hint for next weeks article: “You’re grounded!” No, wait, I was yelling, er, talking to my kids again. The hint is: “He’s pretty funny…for a delinquent.” Good luck on this super tough hint. Wink, wink.

“No dear, I wasn’t calling the kids delinquents. It’s the hint for next weeks article. Geez! But if they keep acting like this…”

Oh well, got to go. “Hey kids, go grab shovels, you’re going to shovel the driveway! You delinquents! What? No dear, I said delightful!” Be sure to check out past Something Valiant articles here on Valiant Central and please leave comments. And remember, if you’re going to read something, read Something Valiant. “SHOVELS, NOW!”

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