by Justin Jordan, Kyle Strahm & Felipe Sobreiro

Since Spread has started there have been a lot of grotesque monsters and gore. A bizarre cast of characters whom shared no real connection, until now. This week’s issue of Spread brought all parties together and the story begins to really take shape. The baby that No has been carrying around proves to be more than a lost infant, and now everyone is going to want the child for themselves.

Justin Jordan is no stranger to blood and gore, you could even go as far as to say it’s become a part of his signature style. However, Spread feels like the series where he can crank it up full-blast. Spread has nuances to other familiar themes that have probably been influences to Jordan like John Carpenter’s The Thing or Lone Wolf & Cub. However, Jordan pieces them together like Dr. Frankenstein to build his own monster that is Spread. This issue however, proves that Spread is more than just a monthly bloodbath. Readers finally see a ray of hope in this bleak looking world.

Spread has such a unique look in its art that really sticks out from other series. Kyle Strahm’s distinctive but disturbing style is the perfect look for Spread. I mean disturbing in a good way, because it adds to that terrifying theme of Spread‘s story. Even “normal” uninfected people can look disturbing, even more so than some of the monsters. With both art and story being so creepy, it’s the vivid colors by Felipe Sobreiro that set Spread apart. Most horror stories stick to using very dark color palettes, but Sobreiro choosing to go against the grain makes Spread artistically stand out.

Spread is not for everyone. You can probably say that about the horror genre itself. However, fans of zombies, monsters and dystopian landscapes should really invest in catching up with Spread now. This issue is the glue that binds the previous ones together. Of course, the world of Spread is so dangerous and surprising, you quickly learn that you never know what to expect next.

Spread #5
Spread #5

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