Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Casey And April #4


By Mariko Tamaki, Irene Koh, & Brittany Peer

This mini-series has put a spotlight on April and Casey’s relationship. Of course, as with the other TMNT mini-series, it also has to tie into the overall storyline established in the main title. This comes in the form of the Rat King and the gods that have been appearing behind the scenes throughout the run. The couple finally come face-to-face with two deities and what they have to say is definitely not easy to accept…

Despite the fact that the core of this series’ story is Casey and April’s relationship, it has been handled very superficially. The conflict(s) between the two are made very simplistic and Mariko Tamaki doesn’t delve deep enough to really make readers care. One could basically skip all their conversations and not miss a beat that wasn’t already established in other books in the TMNT line. What makes this series interesting is the development of the old gods. The Rat King was introduced in the main book as a mysterious and ominous character, while another god was the central villain in the TMNT/Ghostbusters crossover. They basically foreshadow major events that are to come. This was by far the best of the four issues due to this sole fact.

Irene Koh and Brittany Peer’s artistic collaboration is definitely a breath of fresh air in the TMNT-verse. Peer brings a bright tone to the book that suits Koh’s clean artwork very well. The contrast between the two gods is handled well also. The Rat King is made to be a dark, dirty figure…as he should be. Peer’s choice of skin tone color and blood-red irises deliver chills. The new god introduced is the epitome of elegance and poise. Hopefully, this team will be given another opportunity to play in this sandbox again. Their interpretation of the turtles would definitely be a sight to behold!

Unfortunately, this has been the weakest of the side stories. Fans should only buy this if they want to keep up with the storyline. Now, some may find the focus on April and Casey cute or interesting, if so, by all means, pick this series up. Considering this is the last issue, it may be a good idea to wait for the trade though.