New Top Cow series garners critical acclaim

“Wait, this comic is about a group that robs from mega-churches and gives the money to charity? That’s cool as hell!
This comic is really great!” —Robert Kirkman

The Tithe‘s aim is true—targeting the hypocrisy born of naivete.
As such it will piss off a lot of people. My only regret is that I didn’t write it. Well, done, Mr. Hawkins!” —Jim Valentino

Writer Matt Hawkins (THINK TANK, TALES OF HONOR) and artist Rahsan Ekedal’s all-new thriller suspense series—THE TITHE—is a breakout hit, gathering high praise and momentum with issue #2 slated to release on May 20.

In THE TITHE #2, another mega-church is robbed despite the FBI’s surveillance. Tension ratchets up as a member of Samaritan’s “heist” team is killed and the “Robin Hood” act isn’t quite as fun as they originally thought.

THE TITHE #2 continues the high-stakes heist adventure on May 20. Cover A can be ordered with Diamond Code MAR150609. Cover B can be ordered with Diamond Code MAR150610.

Early praise for THE TITHE:

“Matt Hawkins is putting together a nice streak of good books lately and this should be added to the list. Rahsan Ekedal did great work on this issue and certainly looks to have a bright future in the business. The Tithe is a book that deserves a read, the good writing and excellent art will keep you coming back.” All-Comic

“While the main premise is definitely intriguing, it’s with these characters where the series finds both emotional depth and an interesting intellectual debate.” —IGN

“A strong and approachable story with a fresh flavor.” —Comic Book Resources

“Hawkins and Edekel might’ve just invented a whole new genre of comic-book, ‘The Mega-Church Heist’.” —Multiversity Comics


“A quality romp into rebellious wilderness that’s bound to turn heads… this comes recommended.” —Unleash the Fanboy


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