by Jason Aaron, Russell Dauterman & Matthew Wilson

Six issues deep and the identity of the new Thor is still a mystery. Even though Thor Odinson gave this new Thor his blessing, he is still plagued with curiosity to find out who she is. Now Thor Odinson has launched his own independent investigation, while Odin has decided to reveal the new Thor’s secrets in a more severe manner. All while Malekith and Dario Agger combine forces to become a bigger problem.

Not knowing anything about this new Thor other than that she is worthy enough to wield Mjolnir has made for a fun read. Jason Aaron has been able to keep the ambiguity of this new Thor interesting. Not only does the mystery keep you as a reader coming back for more, but it also gives you the chance to see and judge this new Thor and just Thor. Thor has gotten to the point where revealing who Thor is doesn’t matter anymore because this series is fun to read on its own as it is. The new Thor wasn’t as prominent in this issue, but Odinson’s interrogations made for a funny and gripping read.

What Russell Dauterman and Matthew Wilson have done artistically in this Thor series has made it such a stunning read. This whole issue read flawlessly while jumping from different characters and locations. Dario Agger’s flashback story started this issue off strong and never let up. This issue makes it hard to pick a favorite panel or even page. Mr. Agger’s flashback to when he first gained minotaur powers, Heimdell’s foretelling visions, or the last page reveal all looked spectacular. Every scene and scenario flowed well and every page was so energetic that there’s no denying that Dauterman and Wilson were the perfect pair to work on Thor.

This creative team has been knocking it out of the park with this newest Thor series. Yet, this issue was the best one yet. There were hilarious moments, touching moments, some action and intrigue all in one issue that doesn’t feel bogged down or cluttered. This latest Thor series has risen beyond the label of  “gimmick” with a female taking over the role as the God of Thunder. Remarkable art and high-quality story telling is what makes Thor such a hit, not matter who wields Mjolnir.


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