Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Ghostbusters #4


By Erik Burnham, Tom Waltz, Dan Schoening & Luis Antonio Delgado

This review comes on the heels of big Ghostbusters news…the cast of the reboot has been announced! While this makes headlines, the team at IDW is carrying on the true, faithful legacy. This crossover event had been very special to me in particular because it has joined two of the franchises that made up my childhood. I’m happy to report that it was a well-executed mini-series.

It only made sense to have the two main writers from the respective series collaborate on this story. Erik Burnham’s sarcastic comedy comes through vividly and makes the material a fun read. This is an absurd situation for both sets of characters, so it only makes sense to pepper a lot of humor throughout. Tom Waltz’s talent of adding depth and plot development is evident as well. This issue specifically, sets up what will no doubt be major repercussions, but for which dimension? Can’t wait to find out.

This creative combination worked well in meshing the Ghostbusters and Turtles together. Seeing how characters from both worlds interacted is exactly how one would imagine it. Donnie working with Egon and Ray, while Raph, Mikey and Venkman bust out wisecracks…pitch perfect!

Dan Schoening and Luis Antonio Delgado are vets from Ghostbusters, so seeing their interpretation of the TMNT characters was fascinating. Schoening nails the musculature of the turtles, which really accentuates their movements during the action sequences. Of course, they’re a little more animated than other versions, but that’s part of Dan’s charm as an artist. Delgado has always added vibrant flair to his work and this was no exception. The several confrontations with Chi-You, are highlighted elegantly with the lighting emanating from the proton packs. Also, the fight panels with the turtles are great examples of single color backgrounds.

This book concludes the storyline, so those already up to date will pick this up. Those just hearing about it, should try to find the other three back issues or just wait for the trade. Fans of either property will be pleased! I’m sad to see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Ghostbusters come to an end.