By Andrez Bergen

“That’s, like, really heavy, man.”

“Tell me ’bout it.”

Dude, like, this whole issue is about this one thing that happened, and, like, stuff gets all sorts of crazy, man. You’re in for, like, a cool story, man.

Writer/artist Andrez Bergen delivers another issue of his series Trista and Holt, this time choosing to focus on a single scene and follow-up with some of the consequences of last issues’ actions. Looking at you, Trista!

Worlds collide in this latest issue as Trista finds herself in a tight spot, having just killed a high level target on the opposing side she suddenly finds herself needing the help of someone whom she wishes to destroy. Bergen keeps a layer of suspense throughout the issue as the reader is left to wonder Trista’s fate from beginning to end. Will she ever get up? Was the glass actually that fancy movie glass that doesn’t hurt?! (Probably not).

The artwork in this issue is once again composed of various clips/images from the web and shows, along with Bergen’s own art. The images are all black and white, which fit well to the stories direct narrative. As Holt finds a wounded Trista, what he does next can change everything – I don’t think his family will be all too happy with him.

A great scene that helps kick off the story shows Trista lying on the ground – the events of last issue haven’t left her in the best condition. Bergen uses a series of images, some clear, others blurry, as she describes what she’s feeling as someone comes to her aid. “Fact is I can barely stand… dizzy… So much pain, bleary eyed, cops and witnesses all about. Force myself to stay conscious. Think of Governal and what he’d say if I kicked the bucket. This strangers… my meal ticket out of here.”  – This scene also works to show a vulnerability to Bergen’s characters as he fleshes them out more and more with each passing issue.

The beginning of this issue is where a lot of the story comes from, narrative wise at least, as the remainder takes more of a visual approach to progressing the story – as we see doctors come in and take a look at the body of…. DUN DUN DUN (building suspense so you go out and read the story).

Issue #6 of Trista and Holt complicates things a bit for its characters, but this wild noir ride just keeps getting better.


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