By Chester Jones III & Maike Wender

“The territorial unrest, prompted by the Dark Region’s rapidly increasing domain, caused the lord of the land to dispatch his army. The most expertly trained fighters in the land were sent to halt the Dark Region’s progress.”

Two childhood companions become enemies in the story by Chester Jones III. In the first volume we’re introduced to a lot of the world and it’s surrounding characters, as well as the initial arc. This is a story full of adventure, but also laced with action and mystery. Leo takes us through most of the story as we learn his childhood companion has taken to the dark arts and become someone entirely different.

On the artwork side of this comic is Maike Wender. Wender uses a blend of black and white interlaced with panels of color every so often – the first few pages being all color. A great fight scene featuring Leo and some guards is where he comes out with some of his best work – the detailing on the scene in the background pops as well. In this scene the guard tries to throw Leo over his shoulder, but Leo ends up launching off and is able to land on his feet, however he is outnumbered and his perfect landing is soon revealed to have done little to his “victory”.

Jones and Wender prove to be a great creative team as they venture out and create a vast world as well as story in Volume One of The True Masters Chronicles.

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