by Matt Kindt, Pere Perez

Unity comes head to head with The United. Who will be crowned the victor?

After the detonation of a dirty bomb at Unity headquarters in Florida, issue #14 opens up with a spectacular fight sequence between the two teams. Sprinkled throughout the retelling of the events, are television interviews with both Gilad and Livewire as the world finally learns that Gin-GR is alive and well, and an integral part of the Unity team.

To give any more of a plot synopsis for issue #14 would be a disservice to those of your reading this book, but let me just say that the issue does not disappoint in the least. The introduction of the United may have been a bit slow but the payoff here is tremendous and proves why Matt Kindt is such a key player in coordinating the future of the Valiant universe.

The story that Kindt has weaved over the past couple of issues reads like an intricate story of political intrigue which is one aspect that makes this book so great. Most superhero team books suffer from the typical “bad guy of the month” syndrome, but Unity has become so much more than that since the introduction of the book – it has quickly become a core aspect of the universe and a way to explore the repercussions of important events occurring throughout the various Valiant titles and tie them all together. Sure, this issue does make mention of the X-O Manowar Green Tea Blast and Faith plushies which have been on sale, but Unity isn’t just bringing together Valiant heroes, it is uniting the universe as a whole.

Cafu’s art continues to get better and better with each and every issue and he outdoes himself with issue #14. Not only does he manage to convey the high-octane fight scenes well, but he pours so much personality and emotion into each and every character serving to bring Kindt’s script to life so well. Brian Reber on colors does a top-notch job as always, really showcasing the dark and foreboding situation that these characters are in – truly brilliant.

If you’re looking to read just another superhero team book, look elsewhere, but if you want to learn about what makes the heart of the Valiant universe tick, Unity #14 will have you salivating for more.

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