By James Asmus, Diego Bernard, Glauber Matos, Denis Freitas, Andrew Dalhouse, Allen Passalaqua, and David Sharp

“Sometimes the thing that brings us together also pulls us apart. Sort of like a zipper.”
Jarod Kintz

From the beginning, Valiant Entertainment’s Unity was a highly anticipated book. Unity #1 through #14 did NOT disappoint either, and contained non-stop action page after page. Unity #15 through #18 slowed the pace, with each respective issue dedicated to a specific character for character development (not a bad thing at all really, but certainly a different pace). Then came Unity #19 through #22 (The “Warmonger” story arc). Reader and fan reactions were mixed, and many wondered what had happened to what had started as a “flagship” title for the Valiant Universe. It seemed as though Unity had lost a bit of its direction, and both fans and readers alike took notice.

Unity #23 absolutely delivers, and returns the title to what it is supposed to be: a great multi-character team story loaded with action, interpersonal trust issues that must (or may not) be overcome, and a continuation of 2014’s mega summer crossover event Armor Hunters! Fans of that story arc will appreciate this book on a number of levels, as it includes many elements and/or characters (including loose-ends) that were still active at the end of 2014’s Armor Hunters story arc. Writer James Asmus has done his homework, and served up exactly the book that readers have been waiting for. He clearly “gets” the smaller relationship and character nuances that otherwise might be lost by the wrong writer. Asmus delivers, and breathes new life into Unity, while sparking interest for what is yet to come as we approach the series finally in Unity #25 later this year.

Artist Diego Bernard is always on point, and also delivers. His pencils in Unity #23 are every bit as solid as they were during his run on X-O Manowar #23 through #32 (Diego was the artist for the Armor Hunters chapters in X-O Manowar #24 through #29 ). He is clearly the right artist for Unity. Inkers Glauber Matos and Denis Freitas build upon Diego’s art, and take nothing away. Together they bring “unity”  to this book, and provide well-defined boundaries for colorists Andrew Dalhouse and Allen Passalaqua to work their magic on each page. As a whole, this art team made Unity #23 look and feel like, well, an issue of Unity should look and feel.

Any question you may or may not have had about the future of Unity as a series is put to rest with this issue. It is the refreshing next chapter to a great story, and everything we have been waiting for.


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