Wait what’s going on it’s not Friday!? Sure, we know, but there was some news that came out of SDCC 2015 that we just had to talk about… today, Paul and Martin are joined by Brett Simon from the Talking Valiant podcast and discuss!

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First, we talk about James Asmus taking over writing duties in Unity with issues #23 and #24 and discuss what this could mean for the future of Unity and whether it means the book is headed towards cancellation. Then, we get into a heated discussion abou retailer incentives. It seems that Valiant is pretty happy with how the Book of Death sales went and would like to offer more retailer incentives in the future. We don’t have any details yet, but we spend a good bit of time talking about whether we would buy yet another retailer incentive, whether it’s fair to fans, and Martin goes on a bit of a rant about how mad these shenanigans are making him. Be sure to check out Valiant Database to get tons of info on EVERY Valiant comic. We’ll be back on Friday!

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