by Matteo De Longis

VOX Rockbook is not a comic in any traditional sense of the word. Instead, Vox is more like a look into the mind of artist Matteo De Longis. Essentially, you might call this a sketch book collection, or an art book, but taken to the next level. Even having a few art books sitting on overburdened shelves, VOX stands out from the crowd. Presented in a 12×12 format, inside of a clear, plastic slip case–like a record, for those that know what a record even is anymore–gives this book a unique, eye-catching style and look.

P1050530After you take out the eighty-eight page art book out of the awesome “record slip case”, you’re instantly transported to a vibrant, fantastically crafted world that pulls in all manners of guitar and music references. From odd tube-headed crows, to the constant integration of cables and headstocks, and a large assortment of rock and roll styled women, De Longis’ debut art book leaves a lasting impression. The faces of the women, particularly the eyes, are exceptionally designed and executed and in a lot of the faces, hands and eyes De Longis’ Manga influences really shine through.

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It’s worth noting, for all out there that might not expect it, there are some pages that are not suitable for all ages. Thankfully, though, the art book isn’t defined by its more adult images and overall De Longis really just let his creative side go crazy and what’s left is actually a very unique, interestingly stylized art book that almost anybody can enjoy and appreciate.

To review a book like this, one that really doesn’t fall under our typical comic reviews, is difficult. Thankfully, the Magnetic Press site seems to have done a much better job explaining just what thus book is:


Exploding from the space between rock music and electric sensuality, VOX deftly blends a cocktail of vivid imagery, combining alluring women, streamlined military hardware, detailed airplanes, cars, birds, and concert equipment into a signature symphony of visual stimuli that is at once engaging and hard to forget!

VOX is an exotic, beautiful and interesting art book by a world-class artist. Magnetic Press has done a fantastic job of presenting such a unique work in an equally interesting and unique way. At the end of the day, for the price and the distinctiveness of VOX, it’s worth checking this out. According to Amazon, this isn’t due to be released until March 3rd, 2015, but the Magnetic Press store appears to be shipping now, if you wanted to pick it up sooner. You can even check out an interesting interview with the creator and artist on the Magnetic Press website if you wanted to learn more.

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