By Lee Bermejo, Jorge Corona, Trish Mulvihill

“Never thought I would be the hobbit running away from some orcs though… always thought of myself as more of the swarthy, sword-wielding badass with a five-o-clock shadow. Or at least the elf dude. Yeah… that elf dude had style.”

Buddy the elf definitely did have style. Remember when he made that rocking horse out of the shelving unit for the T.V? Hilarious! Wait… wrong movie reference?

We Are Robin #1 focuses on Duke Thomas, a character we’ve seen a few times in Batman already – most recently in Endgame. Issue #1 introduces YOU to the idea that Gotham might not have to depend on just one caped crusader to save the day, that perhaps others could join the fight if they’re determined enough and willing to stand up for justice!

Writer Lee Bermejo creates a tough upbringing for Duke as the aftermath of Endgame has left him searching for his parents while jumping from foster home to foster home (none of which seem nearly as fun as Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends), none of them lasting very long as he either gets into trouble or just decides to up and leave. Bermejo does a good job of presenting Duke as a hero in the making though; a lone orphan just as a certain other Robin was when Batman took him under his wing.

On the artwork side of this issue is Jorge Corona being accompanied by colorist Trish Mulvihill. Corona does a great job of creating a realistic setting while giving the characters a Saturday morning cartoon feel. Duke’s latest foster parent for example lacks prominent facial features and her lips seemingly jut out of her face, but the style creates something unique that gives this comic its own distinct feel.

The scene that kicks off the issue is a great one as Duke is in the middle of a fight and the way the shadow on his face looks creates a mask – the shadow is foreshadowing! Corona gives Duke the “I don’t care” look that is often sported by every Robin ever, as Mulvihill gives him the classic red/yellow apparel via a red hoodie and yellow t-shirt (kind of like how the Power Rangers always wear their own colors… you know?).

Issue #1 of We Are Robin sets up a promising start to an underground world of Robins – but will they be enough to clean up the streets and sewers of Gotham after Joker made such a mess? And how many different combinations of red, yellow, and green are there? Get out your calculators, kids!


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