By Lee Bermejo, Jorge Corona, Trish Mulvihill

“Dear Mom and Dad, been a while. Should have written sooner, I know… but I got caught up in a few things. You guys, too, I imagine. You’ll be happy to hear one thing, though… I’m making friends.”

Always nice to let the parents know how you’re doing at camp; or crime fighting (they worry either way).

Writer Lee Bermejo brings another issue of We Are Robin with a bit more intrigue than the first as a mysterious figure intervenes in the Robin’s latest rescue mission (this issue takes place directly after the previous, so there’s the fight you’ve been waiting to see…). Duke Thomas (the little kid from Zero Year – who is now a big kid from this year) proves he has what it takes to become a Robin, unfortunately for the streets of Gotham he doesn’t seem all too interested. As luck would have it though it seems like he might not have a choice in denying the cause (the hero gig seems like something you can’t escape from).

The constant letter to his parents throughout the issue drives along the story quite nicely. Duke is able to mention things to his parents in an innocent manner, before coming out and saying he’s pretty much going to be a vigilante. This is something Bermejo seems to have a lot of fun with throughout the story, and it even gives a subtle comedic quality to the text and improves the pacing.

The artist on this issue is Jorge Corona along with colorist Trish Mulvihill. One of the scenes that kick off the issue shows all the various Robin members running into the fight alongside Duke (he’s gotten himself into a bit of trouble). A couple of shadows in the foreground are seen running into the mayhem as you get a glimpse of each Robin’s own fighting style – some running in, others off to the side planning sneak attacks. Corona jumps in to give each character a different personality through body language (something that isn’t as fleshed out yet with the character’s dialogue). The colors of all the various characters all play on the classic Robin uniform, yellow, red, and green as Mulvihill gives each one their own distinct style with where the colors are in their outfits.

This issue brings another layer of mystery into the fold as the Robins are all called to a meeting spot without much clue as to why. It slowly unfolds what their next mission is… but who is behind this information? Are they being helped by… him?


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