By Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Tim Seeley, Paul Pelletier, Tony Kordos, Rain Beredo

“I’ve had dreams where I wake up and have to fend off hordes of college girls…but it was more ‘Drake video’ and less ‘John Carpenter movie’, y’know?”

Totally understand, bro. And suuure you could just consider the horror movies by John Carpenter, but how cool would a Big Trouble in Little China dream be? Just the thought of it has me looking forward to falling asleep once this coffee wears off.

Batman and Robin Eternal hits issue #19 as Tim Seeley takes over on scripting from the story by James Tynion IV and Scott Snyder. Seeley always does a great job at bringing the humor to this series, and after the last two issues which were packed with exposition and backstory, it’s refreshing to see. Who delivers the humorous line seen above you ask? Red Hood! Seeley does well to bring a good dosage of Red Hood back into the fold as Mother’s children run wild throughout the issue. Other than Red Hood we also get a look at more teamwork coming from Grayson and Red Robin – and Red Robin’s idea to combat the Mother mind-control leads to some pretty awesome panels by the artists on this issue.

Those artists being penciller Paul Pelletier, inker Tony Kordos, and colorist Rain Beredo. Red Robin’s idea to combat the mind-control is to induce himself with some of the fear toxin created by Scarecrow. The toxin does indeed help him overcome the mind-control, but in doing so causes him to see things; scary things, the type of things that used to live in my closet alongside Edward Scissorhands when I was a kid (dude will give you a wicked haircut in your sleep!). Pelletier does a great job in this scene by creating grotesque monsters for Red Robin to fear, Kordos’ inks adding to that appearance. It’s the colors by Beredo that really give the scene it’s cool effect however, as the panel looks almost as if you should be wearing 3-D glasses due to the blending of the red, blue, and green. The colors bring an intensity to the scene that lets you feel how Red Robin does as he’s trying to overcome the effects of the toxin.

Humor makes its way back into the series as Tim Seeley takes over on scripting. Humor isn’t the only thing this issue is about, however, as we also get to see plenty of action from the former Bat-sidekicks. A great line from Grayson also reminds us who one of the most badass characters in this series is, “Cass. You’re with me. Even off your rocker, you’re one of the best fighters on the damn planet.” He says this in regards to Cass who is also being affected by Mother’s mind-control and in need of the fear toxin. Even while facing her greatest fears right in front of her Grayson still knows she’s capable of great things, that’s pretty awesome. The artwork on this issue also hit a lot of high notes as we experience some brutal fight scenes and some psychedelic panels. Soooo many punches being thrown this issue, and a pretty epic head-butt via Cass… don’t pick a fight with her.


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