By Gerry Duggan, Matteo Lolli, Iban Coello, Ruth Redmond, and Joe Sabino

Before you read Deadpool #10, you should probably ask yourself what you think about Sabretooth. Take some time to reflect over your past readings that involved the poor man’s Wolverine because this book will make you think differently about Victor Creed. This issue picks up where the last issue left off, with Deadpool about to attempt what many others have not been able to do: kill Sabretooth. Deadpool is getting all kill-hungry because he has misinformation that links Sabretooth to the death of his parents, but really Deadpool was the one who did it. Meanwhile, Deadpool pal Scott Adsit is doing his best to make sure Deadpool and Creed do not get into any real trouble and he is also concerned about Deadpool learning the truth about his parent’s death. The issue is filled to the gills with action, story development, and great jokes that can be lost on younger readers. This issue answers if Sabretooth tells Deadpool what really happened or does he spare him the weight of knowing that he did something so truly horrific he can never take back.

First things first, the covers from Mike and Laura Allred throughout this series have been tremendously Deadpooly in the best way. How can you not want to pick up a book with a picture of Deadpool running away from Sabretooth’s head, a la Pacman? Deadpool #10 features a full cover spread of Sabretooth’s face with Deadpool inside his mouth, prying open his jaws and the detail work is incredible and the picture just grabs your attention with the bright colors and weird facial details on Sabretooth’s face. Once you open the book, it does not disappoint, assuming you purchase a Deadpool expecting a certain level of crude humor and graphic violence. This issue features pencils from Lolli and Coello, colors from Redmond, and letters from Sabino. This issue is chock-a-block full of splash pages and great action packed panels that are laid out skillfully to showcase the movement and keep up with the pace of the story. The two splash pages we are treated to look like they were painted with watercolors with how much shadowing and saturation each color has. The great part about them is we get to see so much detail into Deadpool and Sabretooth as they each take a beating while attempting to kill one another. Overall, this is a pretty action heavy issue with lots of chasing, shooting, and “BLAM”s all over each page that make this a super fun read.

Duggan really puts in the effort to the story this issue as well. Despite this being a super action packed issue, Deadpool #10 gets to the heart of the story that has been arcing for three issues now. Deadpool needs to know what happened to his family, a storyline we have seen referenced before, but bringing this back to the surface really humanizes Deadpool and continues down this path of maturity Duggan has led our Regeneratin’ Degenerate down. All the other titles currently out with Deadpool (Spider-Man/Deadpool, and Deadpool & The Mercs for Money) have all somehow continued with that theme of character growth toward adulthood and maturity as a more relatable character. Duggan must have something to do with that, he has been writing Deadpool through some important life moments lately, like getting killed and finding out you have a daughter. Duggan also does the same number on Sabretooth, by making him sympathetic! That is hard to do, Victor Creed has been around for a while and usually as a supervillian, but is it possible he could be taking the turn to possible anti-hero or *gasp* maybe even hero?? The interactions and conversations that take place between Wilson and Creed, Deadpool and Sabretooth just really show Duggan expressing that these two characters care about more beyond their own interests. They have grown into empathetic and relatable characters that have intentions beyond themselves.

It is so fun to have so many Deadpool titles to look forward to each month, but some of you may be bored or annoyed at how accessible Deadpool is now. Yeah, the success of the movie kind of robbed Deadpool of his unappreciated charm, but he is still the same Deadpool really. He may be growing up and learning new things about himself, but aren’t we all? If Deadpool #10 is any indication of what is to come, let’s embrace the Deadpool bandwagon and get ready for some more fun, action-packed, hilarity from our favorite Merc with a Mouth.


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