By Gerry Duggan, Matteo Lolli, Ruth Redmond, and Joe Sabino.

The epic battle between Deadpool versus Sabretooth rages on in Deadpool #11 where Wade Wilson is out for revenge for his parent’s death. Unbeknownst to him, he is the one who actually killed his folks.   Sabretooth and Deadpool’s buddy, Scott Adsit, both know the truth, but can they let Wade know before Deadpool does what has eluded Wolverine all these years: finally kill Sabretooth once and for all? This issue answers that question, and also brings to light some interesting information regarding another member of Deadpool’s family that will certainly drive the next arc going forward. This issue features some fun cameos from Magneto and Doctor Strange, and it’s always fun to see these super serious character portrayals play opposite our favorite Merc with a Mouth.

Gerry Duggan moves the story along nicely with his classic Deadpool storytelling. He has a natural way of balancing levity with enough serious situations that tie allow for readers to comfortably become invested with what happens next. Deadpool #11 is no exception and we are welcome to the added bonus of getting to see Duggan write and incorporate Magneto and Doctor Strange into this issue. There is a great confrontation that happens between Magneto and Deadpool and it is quickly resolved with Deadpool whispering something incomprehensible to Magneto. It is nice to see that there is a reality where Magneto can be talked out of killing or maiming with a few simple words. Duggan also continues the character maturity of Deadpool with a huge bomb of information that is dropped on Wade Wilson regarding a special member of his family; no spoilers here, but this will dramatically change Deadpool and it is exciting to see what Duggan has in store for the Wilson family.

Okay, there will be one spoiler for this issue because this is a point of contention for this reviewer. The awesome covers we have been treated to from Mike and Laura Allred the past few issues have featured Deadpool with Sabretooth’s head. This may lead some to believe that we will witness a decapitation, but you are going to have to keep on waiting because it does not happen. Maybe the covers are meant and designed to be insight into Deadpool’s brain and his desires, but it may leave you a little deflated once you finish the story. However, the art in Deadpool #11 is fantastic, per usual, with artist Matteo Lolli joined by colorist Ruth Redmond, and letterer Joe Sabino. The issue exudes great Deadpool moments with the right balance of violence and hidden jokes drawn into the background. At Doctor Strange’s sanctum sanctorum there are some of Deadpool easter eggs hidden around the observant comic reader will notice.   The art throughout the issue is as Deadpooly as ever.  The lines here are heavy and strong throughout the issue with the use of bright strong colors like Sabretooth’s yellow and black costume against the red and black of Deadpool’s add to the fun, cartoonish feel of the comic.  The layouts are also very smart, there are great splash pages interwoven throughout the issue that are striking, one in particular has a great Magneto image with Deadpool in a precarious situation.

It is always good to get a little Deadpool into your comic reading and Deadpool #11 is a good example of what a great Deadpool comic should be. You get everything you can want: violence, puns, weird exchanges between Deadpool and serious Marvel heroes, and Deadpool coming to terms with some aspect of his seriously messed up past.   This current run of Deadpool has been great because Duggan is maturing and developing Deadpool into a bona-fide Marvel sensation. Now that Deadpool is practically a household name, it will not be long until there is a Deadpool comic for every reader.


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