By Matt Kindt, Trevor HairsineRyan Winn, and David Baron.

“History shows that there are no invincible armies…”
― Joseph Stalin

Following Valiant Entertainment’s highly popular and critically acclaimed mini-series, Divinity, it was announced that Divinity II was being written for 2016 using the exact same creative team and written by Matt Kindt. Expectations were certainly high for the second chapter of Divinity, and with the release of Divinity II #1 those same expectations were surpassed and a complete success!

Kindt’s story for Divinity was not intended to, nor did it, end with 2015’s Divinity #4. Kindt’s master plan appears to be for a Divinity III as well which will bring the title to 12 total issues that tell a larger story; a story that will conclude in 2017. The protagonist of this story (first introduced in 2015’s Divinity #3) is Myshka, who by all indications is every bit as powerful as the character Divinity; with a noteworthy exception of being far more aggressive and menacing with her powers than the characteristically calm and passive Abram Adams (AKA Divinity). Without giving anything away, history shows how formidable a powerful opponent can be when they possess both the intent and determination to use it without remorse. Myshka is a terrifying character, who exists on a level far above most of the Valiant Universe in terms of power and ability. Kindt handles her motivations, back story, and future plans with the creative finesse that he  has become known for. Make no mistake, if you enjoyed Divinity, well, Divinity II is simply awesome and heading to the next level.

Readers and fans of the series will be quite pleased with the familiar visual experience provided by the artistic team of penciler Trevor Hairsine, inker Ryan Winn, and colorist David Baron who were the exact same creative team behind all previous issues of both Divinity and Divinity II. From the fate of Ninja-L, to the dismantling of battle tanks, to a journey to they center of the earth, Hairsine takes readers and fans on ride unlike any other. There is much for Winn and Baron to work with, as several panels feature locations and environments that no human has ever seen before as well as several other panels that depict psychologically invading attacks that are quite difficult to demonstrate on paper; yet, they nail it together help allow Hairsine’s penciled world bring Kindt’s intended vision to life. Hairsine began with the leaders of today, but clearly has not forgotten the leaders of our past. For the moment, and until further notice, place Myshka at the top of the Valiant food-chain. This is a story that gets better with each subsequent issue, and promises strong entertainment value for the near and distant future.

Divinity II #2 alters reality and changes the world; it is a ridiculously great chapter in a phenomenal story that demands your attention. If you have considered reading, do yourself a favor and jump in. Nothing like Divinity II exists in comic books right now, and in an industry that begs for original and interesting concepts, this is a book that has it all.


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