We wanna be the very best
Like no podcast ever was

To read manga is our real test
To review them is our cause

We will broadcast across the internet
Downloaded far and wide
Help people to understand
The story that’s inside

Manga! (Gotta read ’em all), it’s Colton and me
I know it’s our hobby
Ooh, you’re my co-host
In a podcast we do bi-weekly

Manga! (Gotta read ’em all), a backlog so huge
Our library cards will pull us through
You loan me, and I’ll loan you
(Gotta read ’em all)
Gotta read ’em all


You know, I was also going to do a parody of the Pokerap, but somehow, I don’t think Tezuka would approve of a rap number if he were alive to see this.

Episode 10! We’re finally in the double digits. If this podcast were a person, and episodes represented it’s age, why, it’d be old enough to go on it’s own Pokemon journey! Thank you guys for all your support and comments so far! It really means a lot to us! We’ve got plans for some fun topics to cover in the future and a few projects related to the podcast in the works, so look forward to those!

This week we dive headfirst into a heap of lists and licensing news! Oricon’s top selling manga and light novel lists for the first half of 2015 are out, and we’re here to give you our thoughts on each! Adding to the excitement, Seven Seas spent a week dishing out a heck ton of new manga licenses, sure to sate the tastes of many a yuri fan! To top it all off, we answer some questions and make some exciting announcements for future episodes! It’s over two hours of mirthful manga talk, and this week, we’ve got a breakdown to help you navigate through all our drole discussion!

Podcast Breakdown:

00:15 – Intro
02:45 – Pokemon Adventures: Platinum + Black & White Arcs Discussion
09:04 – Colton’s “Bold Declaration”
15:37 – Kodansha USA’s A Silent Voice Contest
22:37 – New York Times Best Selling List: Week of May 22-28
28:34 – Oricon’s Top Selling Manga List for the First Half of 2016
36:56 – Oricon’s Top Selling Light Novels List for the First Half of 2016
47:47 – Amazon Japan’s Top Selling Manga Volumes for the First Half of 2016
52:20 – Gallery Nucleus’ Official Tezuka 70th/Unico 40th Anniversary Celebration
53:56 – Colton Freaks Out!
1:00:18 – Atom: The Beginning Anime Announcement
1:04:04 – Sui Ishida’s Hunter X Hunter Hisoka Storyboard One-Shot
1:06:20 – Space Brothers & the Dream Art Rocket Project
1:09:20 – FOX is FINALLY making that Battle Angel Alita Film
1:12:30 – Live-Action JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders Film Speculation
1:19:34 – Jump Giga Lineup Discussion
1:30:42 – Seven Seas’ New Licenses Discussion
1:46:30 – Q&As
2:00:52 – Wrap Up

Enjoy the show, and follow us on twitter at @sniperking323 and @lumranmayasha. If there’s something you want to ask that’s too big to tweet, drop us a line in the comments below, or e-mail us at mangamavericks@gmail.com! Thanks for listening!


About The Author Siddharth Gupta

Siddharth Gupta is an illustrator, animator, and writer based in Minnesota. They graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Animation from the School of Visual Arts, and have worked on projects for the University of Minnesota and the Shreya R. Dixit Foundation. An avid animation and comics fan since childhood, they've turned their passion towards being both a creator and a critic. They credit their love for both mediums to Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball, which has also defined their artistic and comedic sensibilities. A frequent visitor to their local comic book shop, they are an avid reader and collector, particularly fond of manga. Their favorite comics include The Adventures of Tintin by Herge, Bloom County by Berkeley Breathed, and pretty much anything and everything by Rumiko Takahashi.

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