Updated June 29th (part 2!): BOOM! Now that’s a promo…puzzle. Okay, tell you what, since we care so much we actually spent far too long using MS Paint to try and assemble this image. And that sucked hardcore, but if you’re curious see our feeble attempts below the proper image. In what has now become Marvel NOW and/or All-New All-Different tradition, it looks to be a big splash of disparate characters that will feature prominently in the publisher’s newest initiative. It’s largely the characters that have already been featured in this thread, but there looks like there might still be some fun surprises included here. Stay tuned for when Marvel will release the assembled image. Promos…ASSEMBLE!


MS Paint is a cruel mistress…


Updated June 29th: Hey, Jessica Jones! About time you started getting featured, what with your hit television show and general all-around awesomeness. Who’s that with you? Actually, know what? Who cares. (Okay fine, if you do care, it’s Solo). We’ve got an awesome lineup of characters thus far and your addition only sweetens the pot. You be you, Jess. You be you.


Updated June 28th: What is even happening anymore?


Updated June 27th: Okay, now this one’s interesting. Check out the dapper-looking Odinson rocking a tight bears and some glowy goodness. Got a little flair of Ultimate Thor there. And underneath, we got Miles Morales. That’s two heroes and not a villain in sight. Certainly upholds the whole “Divided” theme. The last image, the one with America Chavez, seemed to feature some business-looking dude holding the Iron Man helmet, but was that actually Tony? didn’t look all that Tony-like to our eyes, what with the lack of signature goatee, but maybe it was? In any case, the wheel keeps turning on this promo train of mixed metaphors. Stay tuned to see who else gets featured and what further text will be revealed.


Updated June 24th: Hold. The. Phone. Did we just get another word up in this promo zone? Damn skippy we did. “Divided We….” What?!? Divided we…fall? That’s certainly the implication, no? Ah, but who knows. Maybe divided we go get pizza from separate establishments. Limitless possibilities! Nah, probably not. But whatever the mystery phrase is, it hardly matters because we got Ms. America Chavez added to the mix and that is the bees knees of a character line-up we got going here. Nice diverse hero group, with the exception of undercover Hydra Cap. But, hey, it’s still something. Who’s the bad guy here now? Justin Hammer or some Stane dude? Whatever, Chavez ain’t got time for that.


Updated June 23rd: Hey, we know that bad guy this time! That’s Prowler, right? Always prowling around, that guy. And look, Black Panther is there too getting his shattered divide thing on. Nice. What does any of this mean? Who cares! Promo images!


Updated June 22nd: Now here’s Kamala being all divided with some awesome-looking character. Kinda dig these quasi-playing card layouts getting all shattered. Good guys, bad guys, Marvel then, Marvel Now!, everyone being all flipped, things getting crazy meow.


Updated June 21st: So divided. Tsk tsk. Well, actually, they look more shattered than a clean divide, right? Should we call this Shattered Heroes instead? Wait, what? They already did that? Well, they already did a Civil War too, smarty pants. Anyway here’s Carol Danvers and some presumably bad dude all gnarly and troll-like with a hammer.


Original Post June 20th: When will Marvel NOW! be now? Then? No, now. Now now? No, not yet. We’re divided on the issue. Nonetheless, check out this bonkers promo from Marvel that means…something. Steve Rogers, of “Hail Hydra” infamy all shattered up with Dr. Manhat….wait, who is that? MarvelNowpromo1

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