UPDATED January 26th: Listen up, Marvel: don’t you dare bring Uncle Ben back. You hear me? His death is the whole point! Anyway, I say this because Marvel just released this new teaser today which gives some more insight into what those three big words might mean:


So, it’s Spidey-related which should narrow it down a little until you remember that there are just like mounds and mounds of dead people in Petey’s life. His parents, Gwen Stacy, Jean DeWolff, the aforementioned Uncle Ben (don’t you dare, Slott), Doc Ock (maybe?), Ben Reilly, the Spider-Mobile, that adorable helicopter Thanos once appeared in, the quality of Spider-Man 3, and just loads of others. For an upbeat character, sure is a dark cloud of dismal death surrounding that mythos, huh? Take your best guess or just, you know, wait a day or two to find out what will undoubtedly be heavily promoted.

UPDATE: Well, now things are getting interesting. Marvel just released the following, similarly-themed teaser as the one we got yesterday:


The color scheme and “sting” reference are certainly reminiscent of Yellowjacket, who is…dead maybe? Whatever, who can remember anything having to do with Hank Pym anyway. Wasp then? Is she dead, too? Or maybe Wolverine’s coming back with…uh…a stinger? Wolverine is the new Wasp! Or maybe Marvel is using these “teasers” to fuel “speculation” and create “buzz” as if it were some sort of “advertising” “strategy”? Seriously though, how related are the subjects of these two teasers; are they discussing the same character or are they referencing two separate individuals? Only time and e-mailed jpegs will tell.


Marvel just released this promo:

That is ominous as all hell, no? DEAD NO MORE? What could it mean? Does it mean someone or something that at present does not frolic along our mortal coil shall soon do exactly that? Uncle Ben? $3.99 price points? The Fantastic Four film franchise? The Fantastic Four in general? The original Captain Marvel that the kids have been clamoring for? The 616 Gwen Stacy for some very poor reason? Bucky? Wait, no. Namor who they literally just killed a week ago maybe? Doctor Druid? Banshee? That jerkface Professor X? How far do we have to scrape this fictional barrel? The Ultimate Universe because hey, let’s get crazy up in here? Ooooooh, the humanity of it all, what does it mean?!?!

Or, you know, it’s probably just Wolverine. It’s always Wolverine.

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