Dark Horse Presents #22

Story: Alan Gordon, Carla Speed McNeil, Dennis Calero, Paul Levitz, Michael T. Gilbert, Jeff Lemire
Art: Carla Speed McNeil, Dennis Calero, Michael T. Gilbert, Jeff Lemire, Bo Hampton, Tim Hamilton
Cover: Jeff Lemire
Publisher: Dark Horse
Publication Date: May 18th, 2016

Price: $4.99

In this issue of the Harvey Award–winning Dark Horse Presents, Jeff Lemire introduces readers to the last surviving coven of extraterrestrial witches in the heartbreakingly magical story The Witches of Mars! Swing alongside the King of the Jungle in the modern tale The Once and Future Tarzan, by Alan Gordon and Bo Hampton! And Michael T. Gilbert returns to DHP with a new installment of Mr. Monster! This issue also features the continuations of Carla Speed McNeil’s Finder: Chase the Lady, Paul Levitz and Tim Hamilton’s Brooklyn Blood, and Dennis Calero’s The Suit!


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