By Steve Stern, Matt Yuan, John Yuan

“And remember, when you’re talking – smile! Even if they can’t see you, then can hear the smile in your voice!”

That’s some quality customer service advice right there. Whether serving the superheroes or working at a DMV, always remember to smile. Seriously…you chose that DMV job…start smiling.

Writers Steve Stern and Matt Yaun deliver another issue of Serving Supes as a hypnotist becomes the one being “served” this time around. And for anyone wondering…no, this isn’t about dancing and stars members of a boy band nobody remembers the name of. This issue, much like the first, features plenty of comedic scenes as well as lines. The first of which leading into some witty banter between the two main characters, but one of the biggest laughs of the issue comes soon after as they reach the door for the first time of the person they’re serving this issue – “That’s it! Lemme show you why they call me Sponge-Bath No-Pants!” followed by “Oh my! Is that your starfish?” – There’s nothing quite like dirty Spongebob humor to make your day complete. Nickelodeon could learn a thing or two from this issue. This issue goes on to have our two main characters being hypnotized over and over into various (hilarious) situations.

The artwork side of this issue goes to John Yaun, as we’re once again met with expressive characters in weird and creative situations. A funny scene comes after the first time the brothers are hypnotized. They find themselves dressed as Hansel and Gretel, and therefore being charged with the murder of some witches (did they also vandalize the house made of candy? Kids just have no respect). The two brothers look down at their outfits and shout a collective “Auugh!” as cops surround them with guns at the ready. Yaun gives both characters similar facial expressions during their realization. Something done well by the writers in this scene is how we’re just thrown into it without any real prior mention, and given a humorous explanation of what they did while they were hypnotized. This type of placement into random scenarios is repeated throughout the issue – and there’s plenty more laughs because of it.

Issue #2 of Serving Supes delivers the same style of laughs seen in the first. The concept leaves room to explore the effects of various super powers from one issue to the next, leaving the door wide open for Steve Stern, Matt Yuan and John Yuan to explore.


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