Writer Fred Van Lente’s incredible run on Conan reaches its epic conclusion! This spellbinding volume features an evil witch bent on vengeance against her twin sister, as well as what is perhaps the most famous event in the Conan mythos—Conan’s crucifixion! Collects issues #20–#25 of Conan the Avenger.


Writer: Fred Van Lente
Penciller: Jose Luis
Artist: Brian Ching
Inker: Andy Owens
Colorist: Michael Atiyeh

Genre: Action/Adventure, Fantasy
Publication Date: January 11, 2017
Format: FC, 152 pages; TPB, 7” x 10”
Price: $19.99
Age range: 14
ISBN-10: 1-50670-134-5
ISBN-13: 978-1-50670-134-9

About The Author Tyler

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