Manga Mavericks EP. 28 – “My Hero Academia (FEAT. Doctor)”

I AM HERE! And our never-ending fight to discuss great manga continues with another Shonen Jump series discussion! This week we’re talking My Hero Academia with Doctor of the Ass Backwards Anime Podcast. We talk the good, the bad, the ugly, the all right and All Might – every quirky detail we could extrapolate from the series for the sake of doing it justice! It’s all for one great all-encompassing MHA podcast, one for all you MHA fans to enjoy!

But before we get to that, we’ve got some news to cover! We round off our discussion of the recent Jump Starts by going over Tadatoshi Fujimaki’s Robot X Laserbeam, a golfing manga featuring a protagonist who’s as excited about the sport as most readers! Then, we wish Makoto Raiku well after his heartbreaking decision to cancel Vector Ball, eulogize the passing of the High School of the Dead mangaka, and speculate about the upcoming Blazing Transfer Student show on Netflix! Finally, we round off the show with a dozen of MHA Q&As from one seriously dedicated MHA superfan! Plus Ultra!


0:22 – Intro & Updates

0:54 – Jump Start Discussion: Robot X Laserbeam
8:00 – Makoto Raiku Abruptly Ends Vector Ball
13:30 – Jump Square to Debut Six New Series to Commemorate 10th Anniversary
16:10 – Yen Press Licenses Gabriel Dropout, Sword Oratia, & Hybrid x Heart
18:56 – Viz licenses Children of the Whales, SP Baby, Juni Taisen, & More
25:45 – DMP Launches Wonder 3 Kickstarter
27:30 – Daisuke Sato Passes Away at 52
28:20 – Blazing Transfer Student Manga Gets Live-Action Show on Netflix Worldwide
32:05 – My Hero Academia Has Over 10 Million Copies in Print

33:15 – My Hero Academia Discussion w/Doctor

1:57:35 – Twitter Comments!


2:07:30 – “Do You Think There is a Traitor?”
2:09:55 – “Is Dabi Todoroki’s Brother?”
2:11:00 – “What Was Horikoshi Getting At With the Nomu Hint?”
2:12:00 – “Where is Midoriya’s Dad?”
2:15:20 – “Who is Going to Kill All Might?”
2:18:00 – “Will Deku Ever Reach 100%?”
2:18:30 – “Other Than One For All/All For One, What is the Coolest Quirk?”
2:21:40 – “What Kind of Quirks Would You Like to See?”
2:24:05 – “What Role Do You Think Stain Could Play From Here On?”
2:25:20 – “Which Character Should Have More Appearances?”
2:26:10 – “Best Villain?”
2:26:25 – “Best Hero?”
2:28:05 – “Do You Find the Series “Generic” Or Are the Haters Trying Too Hard?”
2:35:50 – “Are There Any Things You Think the Seres Could Improve On?”

2:39:03 – Wrap-Up

Enjoy the show, and follow us on twitter at @manga_mavericks, on tumblr at, and now on Youtube! You can also follow the hosts at @sniperking323 and @lumranmayasha, and special guest Doctor at @ssaapodcast! Also, Manga Fights is making a comeback next month, and we’ll be debating My Hero Academia! Doctor will be joining us once again to debate against Jeff Ruberg, mobile developer for Viz Media, in a series of MHA-related topics with some new twists added into the usual Manga Fights routine! We’ll be recording on Sunday, April 23rd, so make sure to send any MHA-related questions and debate topics suggestions for us to discuss on the show before then! Don’t forget to also like and subscribe to us on Youtube and iTunes and leave us reviews to help us curate the show and create better content! If there are any topics, series or mangaka you would like to see us talk about on the show, drop us a line in the comments below, or e-mail us at! Thanks for listening!


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